As a graduate student and adjunct instructor at the University of Arizona, I had extensive opportunities to gain experience teaching a wide variety of courses in philosophy. Over the span of eleven years, I had the opportunity to teach or assist in 64 courses, enrolling 13,923 students.


Mind, Matter & God

An introduction to the history of philosophy, structured around philosophical concepts in the philosophy of mind, metaphysics, and the philosophy of religion.

  • 33 courses — Fall 2007 through Summer 2016
  • Total Enrollment: 9,551

Business Ethics

An introduction to business ethics. Covered topics include whistleblowing, advertising, bribery, kickbacks, insider trading, and regulation.

  • 11 courses — Fall 2012 through Summer 2016
  • Total Enrollment: 2,288

Environmental Ethics

An introduction to environmental ethics. Covered topics include animal rights, population, and pollution.

  • 6 courses — Spring 2014 through Summer 2016
  • Total Enrollment: 836

Medical Ethics

An upper-division survey course of topics in medical ethics. Covered topics include doctor-patient relationships, organ transplantation, and end of life care.

  • 4 courses — Fall 2007, Summer 2010, Spring 2011, Summer 2015
  • Total Enrollment: 145

Ethics & Economics of Wealth Creation

A survey course of topics at the intersection of ethics and economics.

  • 3 courses — Spring 2013 through Fall 2014
  • Total Enrollment: 500

Justice and Virtue

An introduction to moral philosophy, focused by historical figures and modern issues in applied ethics.

  • 2 courses — Fall 2006, Fall 2008
  • Total Enrollment: 172

Philosophical Perspectives on the Individual

An introduction to philosophy, focusing on topics of mind, identity, freedom, religion and epistemology.

  • 2 courses — Spring 2006, Fall 2007
  • Total Enrollment: 168

Personal Morality

An exploration of the history of ethical thought, connecting philosophical thinkers with modern issues in applied ethics. Historical figures presented include Plato, Aristotle, Hobbes, Locke, Mill, and Kant.

  • 1 course — Fall 2008
  • Total Enrollment: 91

Introduction to Ancient Philosophy

A survey course of ancient philosophy, organized topically around issues in ethics, moral psychology, and metaphysics.

  • 1 course — Spring 2007
  • Total Enrollment: 86

Science and Inquiry

A survey course in the philosophy of science.

  • 1 course — Fall 2005
  • Total Enrollment: 86

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